Inspect Your Investment Property In 5 Easy Steps

Inspect Your Investment Property In 5 Easy Steps thumbnail

Inspect, Inspect, Inspect.

Regularly Inspect Your Investment Property!

Do you own a rental, or two, or ten? Inspecting your investment property on a regular basis is necessary to ensure that no funny business is taking place. So, you can use a checklist and a clipboard as you walk the grounds, or simply just drive by the complex and do a quick once over. So however you decide to do it, just decide TO do it. Here are 5 easy steps to consider while you’re conducting inspections:


  1. Check for signs of illegal swimming pools (Yes, this happens! Learn more about signs to look out for at your property so you can take action)
  2. Do not allow potted plants (Learn how this might cost you some green of your own!)
  3. Inspect a unit for damage, against-contract, or illegal possessions (Learn more about what this could entail)
  4. Do not allow satellite dishes at your apartment building (Protect your roof and your investment! Learn more about damages caused by dishes)
  5. Always ensure your property is compliant with safety regulations (Learn more about fire extinguishers at your property)



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Trevor Henson is the founder of several property management companies and is the current Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer at Beach Front Property Management in Long Beach, CA. He is a CMO, entrepreneur, Trojan, EO LA member, investment property addict, change agent, and bourbon aficionado.