I own ten large apartment buildings in Long Beach and Carson. Beach Front has been my property management company for 5+ years now and I have nothing but great things to say about them. The owner Kyle has been wonderful since the beginning and incredibly attentive, as has been the rest of his team. They are very prompt with communication and sending me reports. The staff is fantastic and always stays on top of everything for me. They have a manager on-site at each of my properties, and those managers have supervisors and managers above them so I always have multiple people held accountable for my properties. It’s nice working with such a large company vs a mom and pop shop because they have hundreds of employees. There’s never a shortage of repairmen so there’s no delay in getting things fixed or urgently getting someone out to a unit any time of day. Also, if the main supervisor goes on vacation, another one who is familiar with my property just steps in and takes over in the interim. It’s been a very easy process with them.
They have been great partners and communicators, which I really appreciate. Nothing to worry about with them overseeing my properties. Plus, they regularly recommend updates/improvements to the property that are economical and in my best interest. They don’t recommend a new roof if a new roof isn’t needed. They recently implemented something called RUBS that allows me to bill utilities to each tenant/unit so the cost of water and trash isn’t coming out of my pocket anymore. Everyone is accountable, which is good for tracking purposes and it cuts down on unnecessary waste
Jonathan B.
Property Owner
About two years ago, my business partner and I decided to part ways and I ended up taking on 100% ownership of an 18-unit apartment building we had owned together. I was never involved in the management of the apartment building, so I knew that I would need to search around and find a property management company that could handle it. I met with a few different management companies, and ultimately decided to move forward in working with Beach Front. Since then, I have left everything up to them, in terms of the management of the apartment building, and they have definitely delivered. They have a solid system in place. Definitely a huge help for me, and I'd gladly recommend to anyone interested in hiring a property management company.
Kathryn F.
Property Owner
My wife and I were looking for a good property management company for so long we had given up hope, but then we found Beach Front and now we couldn’t be happier. They make everything so easy and we just enjoy the profits.
Doug P.
Property Owner
I’m very happy to have this company managing my apartment building. I managed it on my own for more than 10 years and just got burned out. It’s a constant revolving door with tenant issues and there was always something I had to drive over to look at or fix. The refrigerator water dispenser isn’t working, the shower is clogged with a bunch of hair, kids slam the doors until they break…constant issues that cut into my time. It was fine when I was single and had a bunch of time to spend on the phone and maintaining units. But now I’m married, and my wife has a demanding job and two young daughters that are heavily involved in soccer, girl scouts, gymnastics, and all that. I need to help run carpools, cheer at games, make snacks etc etc etc. I’m not only very limited with time now but I just don’t have the patience to go confront someone about the dogs they’re not supposed to have living in their apartment. I researched a lot of management companies and ultimately decided on this one. Trevor was a great resource and offered a lot of guidance, which was very helpful since this was the first time I was using a management company. He assured me that they would manage everything from start to finish and only take up my time when it was absolutely necessary to do so. I also have his personal cell phone number so if I have any questions I get ahold of him right away.
The experience thus far has been smooth and pretty stress free. Couldn’t have asked for a better transition from being the property manager to having a property manager!
Michael S.
Property Owner
I have been so satisfied in working with Beach Front Property Management. They have gone above and beyond to help me with my property. I have expended a lot of time and energy in maintaining my property and it was great to know that I had a team like beach front by my side to ensure that everything was going smoothly and working out in my favor as a property owner.
Christopher C.
Property Owner
Beach Front Property Management did everything in their power to make sure my apartment buildings were protected, and I felt that I was in the best hands as an investor and owner. Not only did they assist in managing my property, but they worked as a strategic advisor as well, and helped me make important decisions related to my property. I'm so happy that I've had an opportunity to work with Beach Front and so glad they filled the role of property management for my apartment complex.
Erica L.
Property Owner
My family owns multiple residential buildings all throughout the beach cities (Hermosa, Redondo, Manhattan). We could not be happier with the management and overall service from Beach Front Property Management. They have been great communicators, provided excellent customer service, and have increased our profits quite a bit just in the past year. We also have a lot less stress now because they manage everything...and I mean EVERYTHING. And they handle everything in-house, which is extremely rare to find in property management company. We no longer get calls from the on-site managers because Beach Front communicates with them directly. We are basically just behind the scenes now as investors watching our profits grow...which is great.
We moved over to them because we were having a terrible time with our previous management company. They took days to return emails and calls, the leasing fee percentage was 7% (much higher than the average), the tenants were unhappy and leaving poor reviews on all our properties’ sites, and the maintenance took forever. Once we decided to switch companies we started searching online for a place close by. We called about 10 different companies in Torrance, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach, etc. Only half of them even called us back! The other half had various other issues (some only used third-party companies to do repairs, cleaning, maintenance, etc). We ended up going with Beach Front because they had a reasonable percentage, the onboarding process was super simple and quick, they do EVERYTHING in-house (all the repairs and regular maintenance is done by their actual staff that is on their payroll - no one has that kind of staff available!), and they offer a service that allows us to bill each unit for their utilities so we no longer have huge water bills...now that the tenants are paying for their share they seem to be taking shorter showers! All the utilities have gone down quite a bit since we implemented this. Also, this is something that no other management company I spoke to offered.
We have been with them for a little over a year now and so far are very happy overall. We’re able to treat these properties more like investments now, instead of having to constantly manage the people who are supposed to be managing this for us. They are very quick to respond to our calls and emails and they regularly keep us updated on all the happenings at our properties. I highly recommend this company if you are a property owner who values your time and is frustrated with how much you currently waste dealing with your current setup.
Samuel G.
Property Owner
Beach Front Property Management has been amazing in the repositioning of my two apartment buildings. They managed the entire renovation and produced incredible results (see photos!). The overall process was easy and the apartments look much better now. And the best thing about the entire experience was that it was under my budget. Can’t ask for more than that! They increased the value of my units with economical choices that also look beautiful. I was concerned about getting the most bang for my buck but they over delivered. The condition of the units is night and day and everything has been improved with the most up to date appliances and more modern style. Well done!
Ryan K.
Property Owner
Initially it was a difficult decision for my wife and I to hire a property management company, and it took some time for my family to decide on which company to choose. But with my illness making it impossible for me to properly care for my tenants, we finally settled on Beach Front Property Management to manage our property in Los Angeles, and we are very happy about our decision! They have put a lot of work and energy into the apartment building we own, and it is well worth the property management fee we pay. I can’t believe we didn’t do this years ago.
Carl W.
Property Owner
Our building was in need of a real property management company. Many claim to be professional and knowledgeable, but that's not the case with a lot of property management companies (from my experience). Our (my husband and I) experience with the property management companies we dealt with in the past were terrible. When finally dealing with Beach Front Property Management, all of our problems that kept coming up time and time again are resolved. Highly recommend.
Martha R.
Property Owner

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