Property Management

Daily Operations

We handle all aspects of daily operations of our residential and commercial units utilizing the most current technology in the industry. We provide owners with IRS approved monthly and yearly financial statements. Beach Front recognizes that our people are a key factor in the formula to provide excellent value, service, and operating performance.

Managers go through Beach Front Academy

  • Fair Housing training
  • In-house trainer to keep up to date with changes in regulations
  • Quarterly manager meetings
  • Recruiting and interviewing prospective employees
  • Close contact with labor attorney

Due Diligence

By performing regular market studies and carefully defining investment strategies with our clients, Beach Front Property Management strategically positions each building for optimal stabilization and performance. We take investors goals into account and execute them through our proven efficient system of management. Our management team performs extensive in-unit inspections upon resident move in, move out and on all new management acquisitions. Management also conducts annual property and unit by unit inspections along with regular practices to enhance the rental value and preserve the integrity of each investment.  Beach Front is a key resource in performing property evaluations for new acquisitions and we’re able to assess the management running costs of pending investments as well.

Lease Up

Our Beach Front team continuously strives to move successful properties into even more profitable categories. Our clients’ properties receive close supervision with strict accountability due to our hands-on management approach and commitment to providing the highest standards of service. Our “Boots in the ground” approach provides relevant and knowledgeable market analysis, risk and liability assessment, and comprehensive market rent surveys to increase and stabilize occupancy and cash flow year round.  We know how important it is to recognize competition to your property, but through high leasing standards and diligent renting policies, we can maximize and help maintain your investment.


Beach Front is uniquely qualified to reposition and maintain all types of residential properties. Our experience in managing large renovation projects keeps us ahead of the curve in planning and upkeep of not only troubled, but stable communities. Our team implements strategic planning that establishes set goals and timelines for regulating deferred maintenance and possible large capital expenses.  A cost based analysis drives our plans in order to achieve the goals of the property. Whether it be third party vendors, through in-house maintenance or a combination or both, we’ll select a path that will keep costs down and operations the most efficient.

Property Budget/Accounting

At Beach Front, we examine property financials and develop a budget that allows you to capitalize on your cash flow and in turn gain a higher profit. In addition, we will provide monthly financials, current rent roll, balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, invoices, and receipts, as well as an annual budget. All property supervisors and onsite managers are trained to use the latest version of Yardi Property Management Software to help facilitate accurate and timely reporting and property progress. Beach Front Property Management also employs a professional accounting team that issues detailed year-end financials for your tax accountant.

Risk Liability

Beach Front Property Management provides professionally trained management staff, in house maintenance with coverage under our company worker’s compensation and liability insurance policies. Our management and maintenance teams are regularly trained in compliance with Fair Housing laws as well as federal and local laws and regulations.  Beach Front retains legal counsel that specializes in landlord and real estate law as well as an experienced in-house corporate trainer with many years of property management experience.

Providing Excellent Client Success in Property Management
  • We will improve and prepare your property for rent – Our property managers will suggest and manage improvements that increase revenue.
  • We will determine the best rent rate – Too high and you may experience a longer time to rent, to low and you will lose money each month. Analyzing the right price requires expert knowledge of the local market, information regarding sold properties, and access to rental tools.
  • We market your property – Our experienced property management staff has written thousands of ads and understands what to say and how to  advertise to receive the maximum amount of renter leads in a short timeframe.  Because of our volume we negotiate cheaper advertising fees both online and offline. We are familiar with sales and know how to close when we speak with prospects.

As a leader in Property Management and years of experience.  We have developed one of the most prominent reputations in the industry.  We manage over 300 properties and 5000 units.

Currently, we have properties in both California and Texas.

At Beach Front, our professional staff has years of experience working with residents, vendors, and owners.  We understand the day-to-day operations of managing property and how to get the necessary things done to satify our working relationship.   When you work with us you can be 100% confident that we will continually keep you informed by constant reporting.  We understand the Property Management Business.

When technology advances?  We have to advance and currently we offer online bill payment for all of our clients. we are able to collect rents, deposits and make transaction online 24/7.  Tenants have the ability to login to our automated payment system and pay by credit card, ACH and/or bank transfer. We make paying rent easy for your tenants. And we have full reporting and profit margins.

We have our own professional maintenance teams to help save our property owners money for upgrades, scheduled maintenance and much more.  If you have your own maintenance team that’s perfectly fine as well.  But knowing that you have options to help take care of your property is 100% our first concern.

  • Reduced Stress – You will no longer have to deal with emergencies, collecting rent, property evictions, residents that destroy your property, listing scams, vendors, and legal paperwork.
  • Free Up Your Time – For investors time is money.  You can spend more of your time on things other than servicing your property.  Managing your own property is time-consuming and now you can have us to help service your property and allow you more time for your family.
  • Automated System – You will have reports that show you in detail everything regarding your property and return on investment.

We can help you understand the deductions you can utilize.  We will also help with forms to make claims.  Just so you know, property management fees are deductible.

Property Management Excellence

Our apartment property management success in Southern California is due to a hands-on approach and the owner’s direct involvement with the operation of each asset. Field supervisors visit properties on a regular basis along with a maintenance supervisor to ensure quality control and resident relations. Property owners are assured their communities are maintained and managed to achieve the highest level of return.

Beach Front Property Management program is designed to create a hassle-free and professional environment for both the property owners and the property tenants.  We have years of dedicated experience serving our clients and their properties with customer excellence in leasing and maintenance.

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