Why Property Inspections are so Important

Property Management Inspection

Timely property inspection ensures the longevity of an investment property and increases tenant retention. It involves detailed reports on the property’s structural and operational reliability along with correct accountability of damages. Property owners then are not only able to save time and money on necessary repairs and paperwork, but also don’t have to worry about overlooking them. Ideally, property owners should hire a property management company to protect their investment efficiently, through thorough inspections and modern tools that also adhere to the state’s rental regulations.

Property Inspection: The Types

Our expert real estate inspectors at Beach Front Property Management Inc.  conduct three types of inspections.

1. Ingoing Inspection

This is the first step of property inspection done when a management company is hired. It allows the property inspector to check if the investment property is in good condition with all cleaning and repairs. For both the landlord and tenant, this step is essential before and after the tenancy.

2. Routine Inspection

In California, landlords and their property managers cannot enter the tenant’s home without prior notice or an emergency. 

3. Outgoing Inspection

This is done when the tenant is leaving the property. The property inspector checks the Inventory & Condition form that s/he had given to the tenant while moving in. When the occupant moves out, this form helps in examining damages done to the property during the tenancy.

Property Inspection: Benefits for Property Owners When Hiring a Management Company

1. Proper Records of the Property’s  Condition

The tenant may not report the damage of a fixture or may violate a lease during the tenancy. This could incur more expenses in the long run for the property owner. A property inspector, during the annual inspection, will keep a record of such damages, as well as assess the property’s general condition.

2. Controls liability of the property owner 

With comprehensive records made by the property inspector for the overall condition of the property, landlords can maintain the property well and replace faulty appliances easily. This ensures that the home environment is safe for the tenants. With the help of a real estate inspector, a property owner can protect his/her interests.  

3. Zero Risk of Losing Coverage

Most landlords in California insure their properties with annual inspections. If inspections are not conducted timely, property owners can lose their insurance policy. Having a property management company, property owners don’t have to worry about scheduling an inspection. They can leave this responsibility to the property inspector.

property inspection
At Beach Front Property Management Inc., we perform routine inspections for all our properties.

Digital Property Inspection: Fastest & Error-Proof 

To conduct a property inspection, property managers generally use a clipboard and digital camera. Most of the inspection is done manually through handwritten records of damages and clicking pictures. Then the written records are typed in a Word file and the photos have to be downloaded. The entire process consumes a lot of time and leaves a lot of room for errors, especially when pictures are not taken well.

However, a property inspection can also be done efficiently through dedicated mobile apps such as Inspect and Cloud.  These apps help property managers in scheduling apartment inspections, taking photos, using checkboxes, and printing reports easily without any paperwork.

Choose the Best Property Inspection Company in California

We, at Beach Front Property Management Inc., believe in high-efficiency in every service we provide. For property inspection, our property inspectors use the best of both automated and manual mediums to save resources for the landlords in the best way possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Yes, most of the inspection is done manually through handwritten records of damages and by taking pictures. It's important to take quality pictures so damage is easily seen.

Plumbing issues, structural issues, heating/cooling defects, water damage, foundational issues, and roof problems.

Two times in a year

Foundation, heating and cooling, structure, electrical system, and roof.