5 Products That Help Avoid Property Damage

property damage

Tenants have a number of items they want in their space like decorations, plants, and more. However, how many of those products can damage property? Here is a list of products investors should encourage their renters to use, that won’t harm the property or cost more money in the long run.


Try melt pots & essential oil diffusers instead of candles!

essential oil diffuser

Candles are obvious fire hazards. However, you don’t have to sacrifice the aroma candles produce with these alternatives. Melt pots use candle wax, but with no open flame. Melt pots also turn off automatically after a set time. Yankee Candle has “Easy MeltCups.” Essential oil diffusers are another great alternative to liven up the atmosphere with refreshing scents. Not to mention, essential oils are known for health benefits. Some essential oils aid in digestion, act as stress relief or mood boosters.


fake plants avoid potted plants



Fake plants instead of real potted plants

Potted plants lead to wood rot and mess. To learn more about the harm potted plants can cause to property, check out this blog post, Potted Plants. Fake plants look just as nice as real ones, require less care, and most importantly, don’t damage the space.



Rugs & mats instead of flooring

wood mat

Some renters may want to change their flooring to match their aesthetic. The request for new flooring is not something that is easily accepted, because if one is approved, suddenly all of the tenants want refurnishing too. Instead of this timely and costly construction, mats that look like wood floors are available for purchase. Rugs are another great alternative to change the theme of a room. A soft rug or mat will feel better on your feet than a hardwood floor anyways. Rugs and mats cause no damage and cost significantly less to implement than flooring.


Wallpaper instead of painting

peel and stick wallpaper

Wallpaper truly makes an apartment customizable. Painting consumes time and money. As long as peel and stick wallpaper is used, it isn’t damaging, pleases the renter, and can be implemented or taken down without costing the investor.


Command hooks instead of nails

When decorating, the goal is easily removable and non-damaging. Suggest using Command hooks to tenants. They are a great alternative to using a nail to hang a picture frame or other wall decor. Mistakes are less likely and far less drastic when using this product. Not only are the Command hooks easier to use but now they also come in many shapes and sizes to fit the needs and style of the space.


In today’s market, there are many products to replace the ones that are not suitable for a certain environment. Innovation has supplied us with many great alternatives, so much that, we don’t even miss the costly and potentially harmful products we used in the past. Save when you can, including the headache of property damage!

Maggie Montera

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