"At Beach Front Property Management Inc., our core values serve as the foundation for our relentless pursuit of excellence. They foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and unwavering dedication to our clients' success."

- Kyle Kazan
Founder & Chairman

Our Core Values

  • Learn for Daily
  • Grow or
  • Customer Always
    Comes First
  • Radical
  • Makes the
    Team Excel

Who We Are

We are a tech-forward property management company led by our core values and focused on personal and business growth. We work hard and play hard in a fun, team-oriented, professional environment. Come join us!

Entrepreneurial Vibes. Corporate Stability.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is a set of simple concepts and practical tools used by more than 190,000+ companies around the world to clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision.

Using EOS, we're able to solve issues before they become problems, get the right people in the right seats, make meetings so productive that you actually look forward to them, and build a culture of accountability.

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Professional Development

One of our core values is Learn For Daily Improvement and we believe every individual across our organization benefits from continual growth.

That's why we invest in professional development and continued education opportunities for our employees. Here are just some of the opportunities for learning and growth we're proud to offer:

  • Industry-Specific
  • Internship
  • Leadership
  • Seminars &
  • Continued
  • Relevant

Employee Development & Growth

At Beach Front Property Management Inc., we place great emphasis on the core value "Grow or Die," which underscores our commitment to providing exceptional growth opportunities across all departments. Recognizing the importance of continuous development, we invest in our employees by offering ongoing training, mentoring, and career advancement paths.

As a growing company, we are constantly evolving to meet the dynamic needs of the property management industry.

Our focus on growth not only propels the success of our team members but also enables BFPM to maintain its position as a leading property management provider.

With an unwavering commitment to the "Grow or Die" mindset, we ensure that both our employees and our organization continue to thrive.


Team-Building Activities and Events

At Beach Front Property Management Inc., we believe that fostering strong connections among our team members is essential to creating a positive and collaborative work environment. To nurture these relationships, we hold quarterly company-wide meetings where our entire team comes together to celebrate successes, share updates, and enjoy engaging games and delicious food.

In addition to quarterly meetings, we also host company outings throughout the year that provide our employees the opportunity to relax, have fun, and bond outside of the workplace.

These outings range from casual picnics in the park to entertaining bowling nights, offering something for everyone. These events not only strengthen our team's camaraderie but also contribute to the vibrant company culture that sets Beach Front Property Management Inc. apart in the industry.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We take pride in giving back to our community and making a positive impact. As a team we participate in fundraisers, outreach programs, and community improvement efforts throughout the year. Many of us live and work in the communities we serve. That's why we value working together with our friends and neighbors to make the world a better place.

Our commitment to making a difference extends beyond our professional services, as we continuously seek opportunities to support local and global causes that align with our values and contribute to the well-being of the communities we serve.


Awards and Recognition

We're proud to be recognized for the work we do to make lives better through property management.


Employee Benefits and Perks

  • Medical, Dental,
    Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Rent
  • In-House
  • Company

Join Our Team!

We invite you to explore the exciting career opportunities available at Beach Front Property Management Inc. With our diverse range of positions and commitment to employee growth, we offer a dynamic work environment where you can develop your skills and contribute to the success of our organization. If you are passionate about property management and eager to make a difference, we encourage you to apply for one of our open positions and join our thriving team.

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Additionally, we understand the value of having talented and dedicated employees, and that's why we offer an employee referral bonus program. If you are a currently employee and know someone who would be a great fit for our team, don't hesitate to refer them. Your referral can not only help your acquaintance find a rewarding career but also earn you a bonus as a token of our appreciation for helping us grow our exceptional team.

With our diverse range of positions and commitment to employee growth, we offer a dynamic work environment where you can develop your skills and contribute to the success of our organization.

Disclaimer: Not all benefits apply to all positions. Please inquire about the specific benefits for your role.