Pool Closed Due To Location Conflict

Pool Is Closed Due To Location Conflict

Check For Signs of Illegal Swimming Pools

Let’s say you’ve checked for leaky faucets, replaced the lawn to reduce water usage, and checked every unit for huge fish tanks that can spike up the water bill. Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary, but when you check the water bill it’s still extremely high. Enough to fill a swimming pool. But you don’t have a swimming pool on your property…do you?

As it so happens, one landlord in China must have been baffled the day they found out that a tenant in their building had built a private pool on top of their apartment building, containing nearly 10,000 gallons of water weight to the building. All so they’d be able to stay in shape.

This seems to be an extreme case of negligence of inspections and access to an absurd amount of funds to install such a huge project in secrecy. However, it’s plausible for a well-paid tenant to get the idea to install some sort of pool or hot tub. This presents several dangers to the building. The risk of a potential flood due to leak damage to the container of water can not only damage the tenant’s unit, but could seep into neighboring units.

Chances are, you’ll never have to deal with this extreme cause of a “tenant improvement” violation. While apartment complexes that have private swimming pools exist, and you could very well be looking at one of those investments in the future, the costs and time are far too unrealistic for the proactive eye. And as ridiculous as it might be…maybe check your apartment building roof once every so often.

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