Five Unusual Things Landlords Should Know About


Standard Procedures Aren’t Always Enough

If you’re a landlord, you probably follow basic procedures because you need to rent units quickly and efficiently. But sometimes there are other routes to take so you can improve your out-of-the-box management. Here are five unusual things to consider at your investment property to maximize ROI:


  1. Conduct dog interviews if you have a pet-friendly apartment building.
  2. Increase ROI by simply adding microwaves to each unit.
  3. Offer free parking, not storage!
  4. Know your rights when it comes to window coverings inside of units.
  5. Turn off gas furnaces during summer months to save money.



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Trevor Henson

Trevor Henson is an experienced entrepreneur (10+ highly-successful start-ups) and property investor with a demonstrated history of building and leading teams in investment property management environments, maximizing returns for property owners, and optimizing properties through construction management and re-positioning. He…
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