Tips to Attract Ideal Residents

tips to attract residents

Property owners often come to a predicament regarding how to attract their ideal residents. Should they attract their ideal residents by advertising in certain places? Are their ideal renters college students or young families? These questions create the foundation for selecting good residents. Selecting a resident is a business decision. Hence, property owners should make the decision based on objective facts versus subjective opinions. Here are several tips to remember that can help you attract long-term and stress-free residents.

1. Represent Yourself as a High-Quality Property Owner

According to McMillin, it is important to represent yourself as a high-quality property owner through your listing, organization, property and amenities knowledge, and communication. For instance, writing a well-written and descriptive listing can impress your ideal residents to apply and view your property.

McMillin also suggests scheduling individual property showings to point out qualified renters through their timeliness and behavior.

Additionally, first impressions are everything! Check our Photography Tips for Your Rental Listing to create professional studio light images that grab potential residents’ attention instantly.

2. Understand the Character of Your Ideal Resident

Residents need to have certain qualities to maintain peace and harmony in the community. It is wise for your renters to have polite and respectful manners toward neighbors. According to Bowering, to keep your property peaceful, it is important to disclose that the property is a no-party zone, state the number of guests allowed on the property, and establish quiet hours.

Nonetheless, performing a background check on prospective tenants is a must. A background check helps prevent renting your property to a problem renter. Additionally, your ideal residents should have no prior eviction history and no relevant criminal record.

Over and above, in terms of age, your ideal residents are adults who are 21 years old or older. It is simpler to expect residents who are 21 years and older to be accountable, responsible, and financially dependable.

3. Good Tenants Always Start with Great Property

Having a great property, to begin with, helps set the standard for residents. It drives renters to respect and maintain the property during their stay and when leaving the property. Further, it helps residents understand and be accountable for property damage. Making sure renters acknowledge the consequences of property damage can prevent certain disputes from happening.

While renovating your property, make sure to not over-improve your investment property. It can be challenging to find your ideal residents and increase your ROI. Follow our Money-Saving Tips for Renovating a Rental Property to unlock the secret behind stress-free renovations.

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