The Remedy to Keeping Your Property Peaceful and Party-Free

The Remedy to Keeping Your Property Peaceful and Party-Free

Party animal tenants are a landlord’s nightmare! Especially if the property is located in party-central cities, such as Los Angeles and Hollywood. Partying can lead to damage and illegal activities occurring on the premises. How about the good tenants that live downstairs? What if they want to leave because of the party animals that live above them? The neighbors will call the police to make noise complaints. Nevertheless, this can cause a bad reputation for the property. This could make it harder in the long run to fill vacancies. Luckily, this is preventable. Here’s some tips to keep your property peaceful and party-free.



Background checks on prospective tenants are a must. This way, renting to a partier is easier to avoid if they have a history of this behavior. The lease needs to explicitly state the number of guests allowed on the property and state that the property is a no-party zone. The property manager needs to establish quiet hours in order to maintain peace for other tenants in the building. The lease needs to state that illegal activities such as underage drinking and drug use are prohibited. These are great ways to prevent renting to a problem tenant.

A landlord must keep any illegal activity or complaint reports from the police on record. This will help start the eviction process. A landlord should note any instances of a tenant’s partying even if the police were not involved. Any violation of the rules specifically stated in the lease about partying will lead to evicting the problematic tenant faster. With a property management company on one’s side, they can help establish a lease that will prevent this behavior. If the partying is currently going on, the management company will take note of all the events in order to develop a strong position to get the tenants out. A property management company that has a landlord’s back will make life a lot easier when trying to tackle the issue of partying tenants.

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