5 Tips to Better Attract Tenants

How to Attract Tenants

Choosing the right apartment is a tough decision for every renter. From the location of the apartment to the size of the living room, there are dozens of factors that need to be considered. As a property owner, you may wonder what you can do to increase the appeal of your properties. There might not be a secret recipe for attracting tenants, but there are a few good ingredients that you can add to the mix. Here are 5 simple tips to help you better attract tenants.

1. Choose High-Quality Photos

When searching for an apartment, the listing image is the first thing a tenant will notice. More often than not, this photo is the deciding factor in whether or not a person clicks on your listing or scrolls past it.

To spark greater interest in your listing, choose the first listing image carefully, preferably a photo that highlights one of the best features of the apartment. For instance, if the apartment has brand new kitchen countertops, consider selecting a picture of the kitchen as the first photo.

Regardless of which image comes first, your listing should include at least one image of each room. This helps the viewer visualize the apartment and gives them clear expectations. Also, good lighting and flattering angles are important for every photo that you include in your listing.

2. Update Appliances

Appliances play an important role in the decision-making process for prospective tenants. Obsolete appliances can make an apartment feel outdated and unreliable, while new appliances can help instill confidence and a sense of reliability.

Updating appliances is also an easy way to add a modern touch to your listing, without having to undergo an expensive or time-consuming renovation. For instance, replacing a cheap plastic microwave with a sleek new microwave can be both visually appealing and make practical sense for tenants.

3. Carefully Stage the Apartment

An empty apartment can make it difficult for prospective tenants to visualize themselves living there. To address this, consider hiring a service to stage the apartment. The right furniture can modernize the apartment and distract from any weaker features.

If the apartment is currently occupied, work with the current tenant to identify an ideal time for showings and staging. It’s important to set aside enough time to clean, declutter, and add any additional items to the apartment. Messy living rooms and dirty dishes from the current tenant can be distracting and hinder your efforts to find a new tenant.

4. Schedule Showings During Prime Hours

Bad lighting can make an apartment feel cramped and unwelcoming, while good lighting can open up a space and make it feel like home. This is why it’s important to schedule showings during prime daylight hours.

The ideal showing hours will depend on the location of windows and the time of year. Yet, in general, sunlight tends to be at its peak between 11 am and 3 pm. If there are rooms that don’t receive direct sunlight, consider adding lamps or other forms of lighting.

5. Maximize Curb Appeal

The first impression of the building matters almost as much as the first impression of the unit. Visible trash or unkempt landscaping can be distracting for potential tenants and give off a bad first impression.

To avoid this issue and maximize curb appeal, schedule cleaning and landscaping services to occur the day before upcoming showings. This can include everything from trash collection to lawn maintenance.

There are many factors that renters take into consideration when deciding where to live. As a property owner, it can be difficult to attract these renters and hold their attention. These 5 tips can make the process of attracting renters much easier. If you’d like additional tips for finding the right tenants, check out Beach Front’s 8-Step Screening Process to learn more.

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