Make Things Brighter for Your Tenants…Literally

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Putting it Lightly

Why You Should Make Things Brighter for Your Tenants…Literally

People often return home after dark, and there is nothing worse than coming back to dimly lit hallways with an old gas discharge lamp near the end of it’s lifespan, flickering on and off. Not only can poorly lit hallways be depressing and give the impression that the landlord does not care about the appearance of the property, it makes things unsafe for tenants as well. Poor lighting can hide obstacles that tenants might not be able to see during the night, becoming a hazard. At worst, they can be taken advantage of by criminals looking to assault someone preoccupied with opening the door.

Significant lighting’s plays an important role in making a person feel safe. Especially if it is a tenant returning home after work, school, or being out on the town late at night. Well-lit areas work in-tandem with security guards to act as a deterrent for crimes taking place within an apartment complex. In a study by the US Department of Justice, a common premises liability case in an apartment complex typically involves allegations that the lighting was poor. Good lighting denies camouflage to intruders and criminals, and helps your tenants feel secure.



Consider planning for upgrades to the lighting system at your apartment buildings. Upgrading to the advanced illumination technology of LED fixtures can prove to be beneficial in the long run, as these lights last much longer, cost less to operate, and are reliable in providing streams of light even toward the end of their lifespan. In addition, the efficiency of these lights show your current and potential tenants a commitment toward green living. Showing ways to care for the well-being of your tenants should brighten up their day, even (especially) at night!


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