3 Ways to Make Your Property Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency

3 Ways to Make Your Property Energy Efficient

Are you looking for additional ways to save money and improve the look of your investment property? One of the best ways to do this is to make your property more energy-efficient. This helps preserve natural resources. Additionally, it will also reduce the cost of your utility bills and improve the look of your property. Here are three great ways to make your property energy efficient.

1. Replace Incandescent Bulbs with LEDs

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are one of the most energy-efficient lighting elements available today. According to Energy.gov, LEDs use only 20-25% of the energy of traditional incandescent bulbs and also last 15 to 25 times longer. While LEDs may have a higher upfront cost, they will end up saving you money in the long run.

2. Update or Replace Windows

Did you know that much of the cool air in a building can be lost through the windows? According to the Penn State College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, inefficient windows can allow sunlight to penetrate the room and warm it. As a result, the air conditioner compensates by working harder to push warmth out of the room. To prevent this, check windows for leaks and install weatherstripping. If your windows must be replaced, look for ones with the Energy Star label, as these products go beyond the federal minimum requirements for efficiency and quality.

3. Update Appliances

Appliances use a lot of energy. Therefore, when shopping for new appliances, consider the annual operating cost in addition to the upfront cost. An appliance with a low operating cost saves money on maintenance in the future. There are also “smart” appliances that shift their energy use in subtle ways that you may not even be aware of, but these small shifts can significantly alter the cost of your utility bill. For example, some refrigerators delay their defrost cycle to happen during the night. If your utility charges less for energy use at night, this can be a huge money-saving investment.

Implementing these three steps will help you save money, make your building appear more appealing to tenants, and save environmental resources along the way. If you’re interested in learning more about conserving energy at your investment property, check out How a Ratio Utility Billing System Reduces Expenses.

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