Why Professional Property Management in LA is Important

professional property management

The most important decision to make when you are a property investor in LA is whether you want to run it on your own or choose a professional property management company. The do-it-yourself approach may seem reasonable when you have just one condo to manage. However, it is disadvantageous when you own multiple rental properties. 

Screening and managing tenants along with responding to maintenance issues promptly are highly time-consuming. You may even end up underselling your rental property and paying almost double the maintenance costs when you are unaware of the current rates and regulations. With a good third-party management firm, there is a better chance to expand your portfolio without as much responsibility.  

Professional Property Management in LA: How Beach Front Property Management Inc. can Help

1. Ease of Property Maintenance with Licensed Vendors

As a property management company, we have different teams that  respond to your rental property’s  day-to-day maintenance problems. With us, you won’t have to worry about seeking vendors yourself. All our vendors are fully licensed.

In the event of an injury caused at your property, an unlicensed contractor can wage high amounts without limits, as s/he is not covered by the worker’s compensation insurance policy. As a property owner, you will have to pay that amount. For licensed vendors, any loss is compensated by the insurance that complies with the Davis-Stirling Act in California.

2. Saving Time and Money

When you hire us, leave the time-intensive process of finding dependable tenants to our management team. Along with maintaining a list for screening your prospective occupants by checking their background and credit, we place rental advertisements for you. We make sure your rental property is priced competitively in the current market through our extensive research.

3. Handling Tenants

Our management services also extend to collecting rents and maintaining detailed records of utility bills and other expenses.

Unlike the DIY management strategy, a third-party management company is better suited for when the occupants violate any lease clause. Handling a difficult tenant is not every landlord’s cup of tea and should be left for experienced property managers who can negotiate objectively.

4. Not as Expensive as you Might Think

Many property owners think a lot of their hard-earned rental income goes into  paying a professional property management company. In fact, it’s usually no more than 5% of the rent collected. 

Professional Property Management: Why Choose us in Los Angeles

It is essential to hire professional property management companies offering transparent rates like us. We never overcharge and have been managing residential as well as commercial properties in Southern California for more than 20 successful years. For any consultation on your investment property, reach out to us today.

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