Want to Attract the Best? Be the Best.

Want to Attract the Best? Be the Best.

You ever get too drunk the night before a job interview? You ever forget to shower after going to a bonfire? Do you ever try going anywhere after hot yoga?! When the past lingers, the present is not its best and respect is harder to find. Just as people present themselves, so does your rental property.

It is simply professional to have proper maintenance of all grounds and facilities at a real estate property. Prospective renters need to see both the apartment and the common areas in move-in ready condition. Otherwise, your business and property will attract those who are desperate, willing to settle or have low standards. This doesn’t mean they couldn’t be quality renters, but it’s a riskier bet. Potential renters should always want to take a look at any apartment and determine if it matches their own standards. If your real estate looks sub-standard, then only those with low or no standards will rent from you.

Festive decorations, dynamic landscaping and community gatherings can all be very useful and fun tools to utilize as a property manager. However, the quicker and easier you manage and clean the aftermath of such things, the more confident and competent you will appear, and thus you will attract confidence and competence. If you leave a mess, you’ll often just attract more.


Location, location, location. You are where you are, but the cleanliness and timeliness of your property are things within your control as a manager. Whether you’re a landlord in Manhattan Beach or Lakewood or Orange, you have the ability to define the standards and expectations of your property.

Consider anytime you’ve conducted a job interview. If you and your office are disheveled, your eyes are bloodshot, your clothes are filthy and your smell is noticeable, then what kind of workers do you think will accept your offer for hire? Be smart. Be on top of yourself and your business so you can welcome only the best.

Stephen Gillikin

Stephen Gillikin is a writer, performer and renter living in LA county. When he's not outside enjoying the scenery of southern California, he likes spending time indoors with his cat, Cat.
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