5 Questions that the Best San Diego Property Management Company Must Answer

You’ve invested in a lucrative piece of residential real estate in San Diego and are looking to maximize returns. Right? But here’s the situation – Especially with the booming competition, it’s a job easier said than done. So, chances are you’re already looking for a property management company in San Diego to lessen the hurdles and headaches. 

A good property management company is the essential link between the occupant’s contentment and the investor’s continued, maximized profits. So, how do you find a company that understands your investment goals and sticks with you for the long haul? The answer lies in the first meeting. And, you need to ask the right questions to see if the company is the right fit for you going forward.

In our experience, here are the 5 most common questions we get from our current and potential clients when they come to us to manage their properties. By asking these simple questions, you can make an informed decision about your property’s management.  

Things to Look for While Hiring the Best Property Management Company

Whether you are a property owner or planning to acquire new properties in San Diego, it is important to be aware of a few things about property management firms.

Things to look for while hiring the Best Property Management Company
The right property management company should safeguard your property and steer your investment in the right direction

Do the Property Management Company’s Values Meet Your Business Goals?

You may be enticed to hire a cheap company, but this choice hardly helps in the long run. You may end up paying more and waste more of your precious time. Generally, inexpensive firms do not have a skilled team to handle daily operations effectively. This adds the risk factor to your long-term investment.

Instead, you must deal with a company that has years of experience in the field and that hires highly skilled experts. At Beach Front Property Management Inc., we have 20 years of experience in building successful policies and operations that make us a great team. We believe in minimizing risks every step of the way. We never start working for clients without understanding their primary goals and the different pain points their properties may have.

Is the Property Management Company Willing to Engage With You?

This is essential. Property management is a long team commitment, and you want to look for a company that supports you every step of the way. After all, it is a huge investment. And, you should not limit your expectation from the team to merely scouting for tenants and collecting rents.  

Our values are built upon proactive communication and transparency with all our clients. We take pride in optimizing your investments in the future. We assess the upside in the market first and show you how cost-effectively you can invest.

Questions to Ask while Choosing a Management Company

1. How Much Will My Property Rent For?

Factors such as location, facilities, and whether the property is well maintained or not matter when it comes to the rent pricing. Some property management companies will even tell you that your home’s expected rent will go $100 or $200 extra per month. They don’t look into the fact that tenants also do their research well. As a result, the price they suggest will make tenants look for opportunities elsewhere.

But, that’s not what we do. We use statistics to suggest competitive prices. We know that a good rental price attracts tenants. A reasonable price also gets you tenants faster.  

2. What is your Management’s Maintenance Policy?

It is important to know what kind of maintenance the property management team provides. You must ask that, especially when you have to do some renovations & repairs.

Our team handles every aspect of property maintenance. We have our own dedicated maintenance teams. We have in-house plumbers, electricians, technicians and carpenters who handle all maintenance issues. They are available throughout the year and round-the-clock.

 3. Do you Provide Third-Party Vendors for Property Maintenance?

We do help you tie up with third-party vendors and contractors for major renovations and aesthetic changes that you might need on your property. We go the extra mile to check if they are licensed service providers. 

This is a bit of a grey area. And, there are a lot of companies who might tie you up with unlicensed contractors. This can pose a huge problem in future, especially in the unfortunate event of insurance claims.   

4. How are the Accounts Managed?

For property management in San Diego, you must find a firm that provides a holistic accounting system. When a property management team does not provide accounting updates regularly, you may lose out on profits with the future returns.

Our team provides you with the year-end financial reports for taxes. More on the plus side, you get a detailed report from us every month. We take care of all updates to leasing. We maintain rent rolls, balance sheets, as well as income and cash flow statements that help you evaluate your investments.

5.  How Will Utility Costs be Managed?

Our team members help you make smart decisions so that there is no dent on your returns ever. In fact, your profits will be maximized.

We follow the Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS). This helps you manage the different utility costs of your different tenants, as they do not use all utilities equally. Your tenant’s utility usage largely affects your expected returns.

This system is highly cost-effective and complies with the California Energy Commission’s Energy Efficiency program. As a property owner in San Diego, you can help your residents conserve more energy and this is bound to increase your net operating income (NOI).

Property Management San Diego

We hope that you are now aware of what factors make for the best property management company. With Beach Front Property Management’s help in San Diego, your property will always be safe and you will certainly gain more profit with your expected returns.

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