Incorporating Wellness Amenities: A New Trend in Multifamily Properties

multifamily amenities

Amenities play an important role in choosing good residential properties. All the amenities are designed to improve a residents’ living space. The basic amenities include a good location, swimming pool, gym, etc., which are available in almost all the properties.

The modern lifestyle is very busy and stressful. The reasons for this could be work, traffic, health conditions, or anything. Due to the constant increase in levels of stress, the demand for amenities, rather we can say wellness amenities, has increased in residential properties. With better amenities, the residents can have a better quality of life. The wellness amenities will help in improving the physical as well as mental health of the residents. 

In this article, we will discuss wellness amenities, their growing demand, and how it affects the living style of residents.

Why are Wellness Amenities in Multifamily Properties Becoming Popular?

Nowadays, when remote working has become the new normal, everyone is concerned about their physical and mental health. So, residents are looking for some wellness amenities in their residential area for easy access.

The multifamily properties are already offering various amenities to its residents. But, with time, the wants and needs have changed. Earlier, the focus was entirely on leisure activities like bowling, pool, or indoor activities. However, today the residents prioritize their health and wellness, and for this, they might require a gym, meditation rooms, greenery, and other amenities.

The multifamily properties can attract health-focused residents just by focusing on the wellness amenities and safety to help them maintain their work-life balance. 

Which Multifamily Amenities Are the Best?

With the emerging multifamily amenity trends, you can invest in multifamily property with wellness amenities. But, before that,  you should know which of them is best and important for you as a health-focused resident. The living spaces that support overall wellness are in high demand. It is becoming necessary for the residents. 

Here is the list of some in-demand wellness amenities:

1. Fully-equipped Gym

When a property has a fully-equipped gym, the residents can work out without any constraints. Also, if there is a gym coach, it can be an additional benefit. 

For a healthy space, the gym should be well-maintained with regular cleaning. 

2. Coworking Space

While working from home, it becomes difficult to concentrate due to distractions. In this scenario, residents might be looking for a work-friendly space. The coworking space is a good option for students as well as professionals. 

Free-internet service in the workspace can be an additional benefit.

3. Rooftop Areas

If residents get a well-maintained rooftop area, they can use it as a garden, a party space, or even an open space for exercising. So, it is good to have a rooftop area in the multifamily property to enhance the wellness amenities. 

4. Green Space

Today, greenery is becoming the utmost priority for residents. For this, there can be parks, green spaces, or garden rooftops. It will be a good contribution to stress reduction. Also, these spaces encourage outdoor activities, increasing community bonding and mental wellness.

5. Mindfulness Areas

Mindfulness areas can be a big hit for residents who are looking for mental peace after a hectic day. These areas are appropriate for yoga and meditation. The residents can relax with natural furniture, calming lights, and peaceful surrounding.

6. Spa 

 A spa can be a good option to escape from the daily stresses of life. Your residents can avail the relaxation amenities like a steam room, sauna, or massage therapy in the residential area. It is one of the best wellness amenities.

7. Pool

Pools are the most popular amenity for residents. Residents can use the pools for relaxation as well as exercise. In case there is less space for a pool, the jacuzzi will work well. The residents will appreciate any of these.

8. Pet Areas

Pet lovers are everywhere. So, it becomes important to take care of humans as well as pets. If pet-friendly residents get an option of a dog park, dog daycares, or designated dog waste bins, it might be a great attraction.

9. Common Space

There are times when a resident wants a lobby or clubhouse to socialize, relax or even work. For this facility, there should be a common space with warm colors, comfortable seating, and some greenery.

10. Complimentary Snacks and Water

It is always good to offer complimentary things. When a resident is offered small items like complimentary water and snacks in the lobby area, they will be pleased. They might appreciate the effort and service.

How can Multifamily Fitness Amenities Benefit Multifamily Properties?

Wellness amenities can benefit a multifamily property by raising resident satisfaction. It will not only attract more residents but will also add to the property value. 

Let’s read out the ways wellness amenities can benefit properties:

1. Improved Quality of Life

Giving your residents the chance to exercise or concentrate on their mental health allows them to experience a variety of health benefits.

The main purpose of wellness amenities is to focus on mental health. It is observed that residents who are availing these services have lower levels of anxiety and stress.

Nowadays, almost everyone is working on physical and mental health improvement. So, it will be an easy opportunity for your residents with in-house (within the property) gyms, pools, and other wellness amenities. This will help you build a positive relationship with residents as well as there will be more chances of renewing the leases.

2. Matching up the Modern Requirements

Today, residents have new and modern property requirements. There are many who work from home, so they are specific about their requirements. 

During a property search, a resident will look for more than just a place to live in. They would require a place where they can relax and enjoy their quality time.

By including wellness amenities in the properties, you can enhance your properties and stand out in the marketplace. 

3. Enhanced Property Value

Nowadays, real estate is coming up with several new properties and becoming more competitive. So, it becomes difficult to compete by following the old trends. By implementing wellness amenities, you are showing the modernized way of maintaining your properties. 

You need to ensure that your expected residents get a complete picture of what your property is offering, along with the amenities. This will make it easy for them to be sure about their investment.

How to Manage the Access to Wellness Amenities?

When it comes to access management, there is a modernized way, i.e., installing an electronic access system for the residents. It can be accessed manually as well as using the phones. In the past, there was no other option than using keys for each amenity. The keys are small, difficult to handle, and easy to lose. So, electronic access is always a better option.

With new wellness amenities comes more security and access responsibilities. So, you need to maintain the resident’s security. If the residents are paying a charge for amenities, you need to provide and update the access permissions according to the spaces they use and choose.

Incorporate Wellness Amenities with Beach Front Property Management Inc.

BFPM property managers keep track of the residents’ changing demands to offer the properties with the best amenities. We, as a property management team, will help you understand the market trends of modernized living so that you can get the maximum output from wellness-focused amenities in multifamily properties. You can list the details about your properties with all the wellness amenities, and we will work on finding you new investors and residents. 

Our experts will make the deals on your behalf, making it easy for you to communicate with the investors. BFPM will give you regular updates about the properties’ deals and investments. So, you can relax about the profitable deals with BFPM.

Feel free to contact us for any queries or suggestions. BFPM is here to help you with the incorporation of wellness amenities and modern technology in the new properties.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • Amenities are recreational features meant for residents' pleasure, such as a gym or spa, while services like healthcare and security focus on residents' comfort and well-being.
  • Amenity preferences differ among individuals, catering to personal enjoyment, while services are designed based on the shared needs and interests of residents.
  • Once amenities are installed, they are generally challenging to alter, while services can be adjusted or modified as per residents' changing requirements.
  • In summary, amenities provide leisure and joy, accommodating varying preferences, but are relatively fixed once implemented. On the other hand, services cater to essential needs and are flexible, adaptable to the collective interests of the residents.
  • Amenity is something that offers comfort and convenience. It helps in improving the quality of life for residents. Some of the wellness-focused amenities in multifamily properties that the residents find attractive are listed below:

    • Swimming Pool
    • Meditation and Yoga Rooms
    • Green Space
    • Spa
    • Clubhouse
    • Outdoor areas