Consult a Rental Property Management Company to Know your Rights as a Landlord in California

In September 2019, California passed the necessary statewide rent control bill to prevent appalling rent hikes that leave many homeless. In effect since January 1, 2020, landlords can only increase the rent up to 5%. This excludes inflation rates that round up to 7% to 8%. Tenants also cannot be asked to leave the property unless they have created any nuisance, waste, criminal activity or damage. Property owners in the state under this new regulation must be aware of the various implications while leasing their units. If you are one, a rental property management company can help you comprehend the law better.

Rental Property Management Company: How Can it Help you as a Landlord in California to Understand the California Assembly Bill 1482

There are certain regulations under the new statewide rent control law in California. They are:

1. California Rental Law Exemptions

Certain types of housing are exempted from the new rent control law and they are:

  • Owner occupied single-family residence.
  • A duplex where the owner resides at one of the units as the main place of housing.
  • Multi-family residences whose certificates have been issued over 15 years ago.
  • Special buildings such as non-profit organizations, religious places, health care facilities, schools or college dormitories operated by the school or college authorities, government-sponsored residence and hotels.

2. Protecting the Tenants from Eviction

Once the tenant has occupied a property in any part of California for 12 months, the landlord cannot terminate the lease without ‘just cause’, of which there are two categories:

  • At fault cause: When the tenants are responsible for rental default, unpermitted sublease, or transfer of the premises, the landlord can evict them. Even if the tenants refuse to extend a lease request after a written request, the property owner has the right to evict them.
  • No-fault cause: If the landlord wants to evict his/her tenants for some major renovations, s/he will have to provide assistance to find another house or waive the last month’s rent.

Rental Property Management Company: What Landlords Need to do Under the California Assembly Bill 1482

Know your Rights as a Landlord in California
If you are still unsure about how the California Assembly Bill 1482’s rent cap works, or if the provisions of “just-cause” apply to your property, reach out to our team to help break it down for you.

Rent Agreement

As a landlord in California, you must provide your tenants with a written notice explaining the rent cap and ‘just cause’ protections. If you fail to give your tenant a written notice, you will then fall under the restriction of the law. Once the rent agreement is made, you cannot increase the rent within 12 months of completion of the agreement.

Security Deposit

A security deposit in California cannot be more than a 2 months’ rent amount provided the property is unfurnished. If the house is furnished, the deposit cannot be more than the 3 months’ rent amount.

Even if the tenant is breaking the lease and has caused no damage to the house, the landlord must return the security deposit within 21 days of the tenant moving out.

Seek Help from the Best Rental Property Management Company in California

If you are a landlord and wish to know more on the California Assembly Bill 1482, you can always reach out to us at Beach Front Property Management Inc.. Let us help you. 

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