Attracting New Tenants with Exterior Holiday Decorations

Are you capitalizing on your investment property’s potential this Holiday Season? Seasonal decorations and lights can create an ambiance for your property that shows all that your investment has to offer. Exterior accessories can bring in some holiday cheer, as well as transform your property.

Here’s what you should know:

Strategic decorating can highlight key features in the design of the building.

Do you have archways that could be emphasized with garland? Or an a-frame rooftop that could benefit from lights? Consider decorating trees or adding a wreath to the signage of the property. You want to attract tenants by the curbside appeal of the property. These exterior decorations should complement the property’s features, not distract from them.

Less is more.

decorative wreath on a door

There should be clear intention and direction when it comes to decorating. First, focus on the exterior of the property and the curbside appearance. String lights are a great example of the beauty in simplicity.

Avoid character decorations that stick into the lawn, as they can be distracting and damaging to the grass. Be mindful when choosing decorations that could compromise the tenant’s space. As always, these decorations should be in code with the safety standards.

There are two installation methods when it comes to your decorative plan.

    1. DIY or do it yourself. You can purchase decorations for your property and install them yourself. This option involves time-consuming labor, transportation, and a need for storage. On the bright side, this is a one-time purchase that can be used for years to come.
    2. The next option is to hire someone to gain professional advice and labor. Although this option could be more expensive, the entire process is taken care of and you can guarantee a polished look. Renting holiday lights/decorations avoids the need for storage.

Opt for neutral decorations this holiday season.

Neighboring tenants may celebrate different holidays. Leave it up to the individual to decide if they want to add additional decorations to their own unit.

Establish friendly decorating guidelines for tenants to follow.

Notify your tenants well in advance if you will have specific guidelines for the holiday season. Inspire your tenants with the following list of renter-friendly decorating ideas.

  • Command hooks are your friend! Consider adhesive hooks or suction cup hooks.
  • Fresh tree = risky. Tree bases can scratch flooring and leak water. Consider reusable, mess-free trees that are available in all sizes and colors.
  • No room for a tree? Create a wall tree with washi tape, branches, garland, and/or lights. Occupy less space while still participating in tradition.
  • Lacking space? Display your holiday cards.
  • Poinsettia plants are a classic and versatile (indoor/outdoor) decoration that won’t occupy much space.
  • Flameless candles are worry-less while still creating a warm and cozy feel.
  • A holiday doormat. Express yourself while preventing the tracking of dirt inside of your unit.
  • Themed pillows and throws are essential because they keep you warm while doubling as decoration.

In conclusion, first impressions are everything. Do your best to make your investment property warm and welcoming this winter.  Potential clients want to envision themselves living in your unit; adding holiday decor is a great way to send all of the right messages. Make sure to check out 5 Tips to Better Attract Tenants for additional tips.

Chance Burden

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