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Washers & Dryers

Why not including them could wash away additional profits, and how you should “dry” to include them.

The law of Implied Warranty of Habitability exists to make sure landlords and property managers cannot deny to provide tenants with services that would otherwise make a rental home or unit unfit to live in. This includes things like electrical lighting, working heat, plumbing, gas, etc. However, landlords and property managers are not actually required to provide appliances; these count as optional amenities that can help draw business and bring on board more potential tenants looking for these. This includes one of the most desirable features of any property: working washers and dryers.

Why then do so many apartments have basic appliances? It’s not hard to imagine why: the lack of these appliances can be frustrating to deal with as a tenant, and having them as part of an apartment unit package makes them very enticing (and a way to cast the widest net possible to good applicants). Besides, if there exists an apartment complex that doesn’t have these appliances, you can bet there’s one a few blocks away that DOES possess them for tenant use. For the tenant, the competition between apartment complexes to provide better value for their apartment units works greatly to their benefit. Some of the most common applicants for apartments are definitely in a position to not own much of their own furniture and appliances: young college students or single professionals.

As such, don’t spend too much time thinking about whether to do so; despite the increased use of water and electricity for washers and dryers, the return on investment for them is way too much to pass up. Potential tenants looking for these appliances may feel entitled to have these services no matter what if they believe this is covered, but explaining that these appliances are a feature on your property is a great way to justify the increased price of rent, should they feel the need to complain about it. Otherwise, I’m sure there’s a laundromat down the street they wouldn’t mind using.