The Hardwood Flooring Fad Might Not Be So Bad

hardwood flooring

The Hardwood Flooring Fad Might Not Be So Bad

Hardwood flooring is an attractive component to a home. Having hardwood floors in your investment property will set it apart from competitors. It is a favorable choice for most families because many hardwood floors will hide scratches from kids and animals. They are also super easy to clean compared to carpeting. It is also a neutral shade, so it goes with people’s furniture, as well as giving the home an “earthy feel.” Hardwood flooring is such a favorable feature that over half of renters will pay $75 more to have it in the living-area of their apartment.

Now that you have the knowledge on why hardwood flooring is favorable for the tenant- let’s talk about why it’s a great option for the landlord! Hardwood is very durable, and typically lasts a lifetime. It is easy to manage by refinishing it when needed. Although it is more on the expensive side, there are different types of hardwood that are cheaper depending on the type. Let’s face it, the last thing a landlord wants is to be constantly replacing the flooring after every tenant or two. Especially if you allow pets in your rental, carpet can be a nightmare because it can hold in odors and give the rental a nasty smell. Making the choice to upgrade the flooring to hardwood will increase your investment property’s overall value.

Kathleen Bowering

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