Taking Your Lawn For Granite

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Taking Your Lawn For Granite

How decomposed granite might help you save your property some money!

The water bill: an unavoidable, necessary cost anywhere, but especially in any type of housing. Whether utilities are included as a set price in the lease for the tenant to use as they please, or whether they’re directly responsible for their usage, there is one aspect that will always fall into the responsibility of the landlord: the nice looking lawn in front of your apartment building. It’s subject to the same amount of treatment needed for potted plants; ugly to look at if improperly maintained, but vulnerable to the changing weather. While a nice patch of greenery might be a breath of fresh air compared to the concrete and street asphalt that surrounds a regular apartment building, its toll on the water bill may have you wishing for an alternative. Our proposal: consider using decomposed granite.

What exactly IS decomposed granite? Essentially, it is created when solid granite has been eroded away, giving a fine appearance like sand. If you’ve lived in or visited California, chances are you’ve seen it around; decomposed granite became popular in the landscape due to its property as a drought tolerant substance. While it may seem at first glance indistinguishable from gravel, decomposed granite’s attributes have distinct advantages over it, such as its stability and ability to keep dust down. It’s also quite colorful, coming in shades of brown, gray, black, red, and green. It’s also relatively easy to maintain: not only is it permeable and provides good drainage, it’s easy to add more when the elements cause it to erode and blow away. As a bonus, it’s not very attractive to pests!

Cost wise, decomposed granite won’t break the bank either. The raw material typically can cost roughly $40-$50 for a cubic yard and can be bought at most DIY landscape stores (Home Depot, Lowe’s). In the long term, using decomposed granite to replace the front lawn can help save money spent on your water bill! Consider this option today, and try not to take this solution for granite!