Making Sure Terms of Service are Followed by Your Exterminators

Pest Control

Making Sure Terms of Service are Followed by Your Exterminators

Pest control is one standard a landlord must stay on top of to ensure happy tenants. Because of this, choosing a service for pest control plays a crucial factor in caring for a building. Many people may know the typical door-to-door pest control salesman pledging “reduced rate” or “no obligation” approach. While you will not typically come across this type of scam when managing a building, there are other ways you could be taken advantage of.

“Licensed” Technicians

This may seem like an odd thing to look out for, but there’s a method to our madness. Of course, you want a pest control technician who is certified as an exterminator. Just be sure they are actually certified.

Imagine this: you call an exterminator and you request to see their certification, which they oblige. They give an evaluation of the building and you set a date for the actual spraying of pesticides. However, when the actual day comes, a different person comes to do the job. This person may or may not be certified like the first person. Therefore, it’s crucial to always double-check certifications, especially if the person that shows up to do the job is not one you have met.

“Not so” regular maintenance

The typical homeowner most likely only needs a thorough cleaning and would avoid long-term contracts to pay for more spraying and upkeep. As a landlord you would want the opposite. A single complaint or report of pests from a tenant could affect the image of your building. It is within your best interest to have routine checks to spot pests and signs of irregularities. This also helps experts know with the building’s layout in order to assure proper defense.

Unfortunately, it is easy for a pest control business to bill you monthly and not show up to provide the service. Make sure to set lines of contacts for these checks to ensure you’re actually receiving the help you’re paying for. Try to physically meet the specialist on days scheduled for maintenance as well.

Follow these tips to be proactive instead of reactive, and you’ll be sure to notice a reduction of tenants “pestering” you about these problems!

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