Potted Plants

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Potted Plants

How your tenants’ handling of greenery might cost you some green (money)!

At first glance, a potted plant may seem harmless, especially to a tenant renting out an apartment room. To them, it is a simple way to introduce some color and shade from the rays of the sun outside without using blinds or a curtain. However, a tenant diligently taking care of their plants can cause a lot more damage than you might think.



Excessive dirt leftover from watering potted plants can damage the surface of the balcony deck. Those that use a protector plate or similar device to prevent spillage of water and soil are still subject to the tenant’s ability to remove any possible traces of moisture that can affect the balcony deck. The outward appearance of the property building can also affected by plants. Overflowing green foliage hanging over one balcony from an otherwise uniform side of the building is unsightly. Faded and discolored foliage can prevent potential tenants from signing a lease. But say there are several smaller potted plants that use planter boxes instead. A tenant may place these plants near the edge of the patio to get efficient sunlight. There are even commercial boxes with built in depressions to cling onto a patio rail. THESE ARE NOT SUFFICIENT IN SECURING THE PLANT. They are still easy to knock over and cause a hazard to any pedestrians below.

A property manager should make a clear prohibition of potted plants in the lease agreement. This rule can be in a rules and regulations section or considered a violation on a “tenant improvement” clause. In addition, be on the lookout for signs of tenants keeping potted plants during a yearly unit-by-unit inspection of the property and make sure to let tenants understand the consequences and damages that come from keeping them.

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