3 Subtle Ways to Improve the Perceived Value of Your Property

Increasing revenue is an integral part of improving return on investment. One particular avenue to explore in this is increasing the perceived value of the property. While that does include the hard facts and specifics of what makes it great, those are not the only options. Instead, this is about the little things that turn a livable rental into a functional and appealing potential home. These three ideas are a good place to start:

Counter Space

Not just a blatantly basic necessity, maximizing open counter space also directly translates into a kitchen that looks more airy, useful, and desirous. Nothing when cooking is more frustrating than running out of space for a scalding hot pan right out of the oven or enough room for that final bowl to throw together all the other scattered ingredients! Giving the impression of more space is always a good thing. Counter space is a great way to demonstrate that to any prospective tenant.

Storage Space

Especially when in an apartment, storage space is always at a premium. Having enough space to hide away a vacuum or boxes of miscellaneous trinkets can present a tricky task given the limitations. Shelving, deep cabinets, or any extra space to stockpile a few things encourages a strong, positive feeling on a prospective tenant’s first tour and keeps them content and satisfied throughout their lease.

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Natural Light

As with the previous two, perceived space is often more important than real space. A couple of shelves gives the impression of functionality and roominess, while counters lengthen the kitchen and give a spacious, open feeling to the property. The natural light optically stretches a room, breathing fresh air into the space and inspires comfort and homeliness. As a universal compliment throughout all the property, it soaks every other aspect in its warmth. Natural light welcomes and brightens any prospective tenant and naturally widens the impression of the property.

These are just a start on minor tweaks that can take an already excellent property and further maximize its potential. The lighting, exterior, and general ambiance of the property are other options, but this list is by no means exhaustive. Ultimately, the more attractive the property, even with the smallest modifications, the better the potential.

Zach Koenig

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