Looking Good in the Neighborhood

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Looking Good in the Neighborhood

Leave a great first impression by renovating the front of your property.

First impressions are something most of us are used to being worried about, and refining the way we present ourselves. Whether it be a sales rep meeting with an important client as a representative at a company, or a boyfriend meeting his girlfriend’s parents for the first time to discuss engagement, first impressions are the all-important settings of how we wish others to view ourselves. Of course, this doesn’t go for just people’s personalities and appearances: it also goes for the appearance of the things we care for ourselves and present publicly. As a property manager, you most likely assumed a potential tenant’s first impression of your property is when you’ve offered a tour of a unit, but it’s more likely they’ve gotten their first impression just from passing by and looking at the front of your property.

Renovations and repairs are important for modernizing the unit themselves, but the front of the property will always be the first thing passerby’s see, and should be among the top priorities when looking to increase traffic.

Here are some tips on what to focus on:

Maintain greenery and plants. While we’ve mentioned in previous posts about the dangers of letting your tenants grow their own plants in their balcony, there’s a reason why they do so: they’re aesthetically very pleasing to the eye. Mowing and edging the lawn, growing some decent bushes, and having some bright flower beds all are very welcoming and inviting to people checking out the property. If you’re combining greenery with stone beds, make sure any loose stones are put back in place to prevent any sort of walking hazard.

At the same time, make sure to not have these plants and greenery too large that it can obstruct the full view of the front. In the event that you have a great eye-pleasing view outside, like a lake or mountain, make sure not to block paths to those views so tenants know how advantageous and quick to access these locations are from your property.

Decomposed granite is also a great option for the front of the property, and we’ve mentioned in a previous post how it can help save money on your water bill if you’re on a stricter budget or if your area is experiencing a severe drought.

Give the front a fresh new paint job. It might even be worth repainting the entire property in order to stay consistent, making it pleasing for both current and future tenants.

If your property sits next to a street with a concrete sidewalk, over time you’ll notice some cracks due to earthquakes or temperatures expanding and/or cooling constantly. Depending on the severity of the crack, you should look into repairing it. Smaller cracks are easily repairable through products purchased a DIY store like Home Depot.

If you have a controlled access gate, make sure it’s taken care of. A creaky, rusty gate that tenants have a hard time opening does not give a desirable sense of protection that a painted, electronically controlled and accessible gate does.

Remember not to go overboard with these renovations, as money spent on these could be better spent on improvements to the unit. However, making the property as inviting as possible to up your income. Paint a picture from the outside on how great it would be for someone to live in your property, and the thousand words will come to your door when they come to make an appointment!