Steer Clear of Property Trespassers

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Steer Clear of Property Trespassers

California is dealing with a homelessness crisis. Unfortunately, that means your investment property could be at risk of becoming a homeless encampment. A cost effective way to prevent this is to post “No Trespassing” signs on your building. Having trespassing signs present makes it less likely that people will hang out on your property. As long as signs are posted, the police can come and make the trespasser leave.

Installing these signs would definitely be worth the investment, even though you may not have a problem with the homeless hanging around your rental now, it doesn’t mean you won’t in the future. Tenants will appreciate a landlord keeping up with the safety of their home. Without these signs up, the police will not bother to remove someone from the area.

As long as the public have knowledge that your investment property is private, they will be more likely to steer clear!

Kathleen Bowering

Kathleen Bowering is pursuing her dream of obtaining a master’s degree from California State University Long Beach. She enjoys writing about property management, apartment renovations, and all-things related to real estate. You can find her posted up against a tree…
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