Provide Tenants With Wi-Fi & Increase Revenue

Why Wait for Wi-Fi?

Provide Your Tenants With Complimentary Internet Access to Increase Revenue and Provide Better Value

Ask any tenant what they set up first when they finish moving in. Chances are you will hear “internet” or “Wi-Fi.” After all, we need it for everything: shopping, work, gaming, school, streaming; you are more likely to find a residence with internet than cable or satellite in today’s world. Your local internet service providers know it as well. Their ads and fliers are always the first instances of mail new tenants receive, often addressed as “Resident of Apart. # (unit)”. Unlike other junk mail, a tenant will likely open with interest.

The internet is a popular amenity for anyone, so why not provide the entire apartment complex with complimentary Wi-Fi? According to J. Turner Research’s “The Next Gen Apartment” report, free Wi-Fi is the number one smart-house amenity requested by tenants, with 29% of residents across all generations even desiring a focused business center for tenants so long as free Wi-Fi was a component. By “outsourcing” these services to other internet service providers, you are losing out on potential income instead of handling their Wi-Fi situation yourself. By providing free Wi-Fi, you spare tenants installation time and costs of the router.

Of course, these all come with their own complications. Dealing with bandwidth limitations, illegal torrent downloads, peer-to-peer file sharing, etc. These are all things to take into consideration and problems to avoid when providing free Wi-Fi. We thus recommend partnering up with a Wi-Fi provider in your area to help negotiate what kind of services they can provide you and your tenant. Discuss the types of plans offered, how they handle technical support and how they will provide value for your property. Check out both companies mentioned for further details on prices offered and compare it to others local to your area.

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