Keep Unwanted Furry Friends Off Your Investment Property!

Keep Unwanted Furry Friends Off Your Investment Property!

Feral cats? Raccoons? Keep them away from your investment property! Feral cats can carry diseases, as well as fleas and ticks, which makes keeping them away very important. Thankfully, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure they stay away. Make sure none of your tenants are leaving out food for them. Trash can lids should be secure so the cats cannot get in, and you should try spraying citrus based sprays around the property as cats dislike these smells. Make sure any shelter is blocked off, like under a deck. Also, if your rental has plants, try planting lavender – this is another natural method for chasing cats away. Set sprinklers to go off at a certain time when the cats are present – if cats are present at night, set it for then.

Raccoons can be a threat to tenants and their pets. Raccoons are very messy animals and can spread trash all around your investment, as well as cause damage to your roof and wiring. They can also carry diseases like salmonella and rabies. Raccoons can be treated in a lot of the same ways as feral cats, such as securing trash lids and setting sprinklers. If there is grass in front of the rental, treat it for grubs – these creepy crawlies are one of their favorite foods, so destroying their food source could get them to leave. You can buy products such as a yard guarder, which will emit sound waves that irritate raccoons that humans can not hear. The raccoons will likely move on to less noisy environments. Other methods include installing a light sensor, or applying apply repellent around the property exterior.

As we all know, homelessness is a problem in California. Even in beautiful Huntington Beach, homeless people can drive away prospective tenants. First, put up no trespassing signs. If homeless people show up, call the police. Or of course, you could always hire a property management company to handle the situation.

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