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Effective Ways To Build Customer Rapport

Ready to hire a top-notch property management company? Is your property manager going to give you the service you desire? Let’s face it. Real Estate is a pretty transparent business. Similar laws and codes of conduct govern it, and they have similar technologies in place. So, as a property investor, how do you stand out in such a competitive rental market? It’s pretty simple, customer service.

Now more than ever in the property rental business, the key to success in the rental industry is how satisfied your tenants are with the services you provide. The savvy tenant will conduct thorough research online before finalizing a rental property, and a considerable part of this includes seeing what other tenants say about your property. To win new tenants and keep existing ones loyal comes down to customer service. Yes, it sounds pretty sorted, but there’s a lot more to it, and it is something that needs your attention and focus. Read more to find why good customer service matters in property management and some tips to achieve the same.

Why choose a property management company with exemplary customer service?

Property managers are the link holding the investors and tenants together. They ensure efficient management and profit for the property owners while providing a peaceful and hassle-free experience for the tenants. Customer service is one of the most crucial responsibilities of a property manager to foster a long-term relationship between the owners and tenants. Effective customer service establishes tenant satisfaction and leads to improved property value, higher profits, and a better reputation in the market.

Investors might not have enough time for tenants, and consequently, may lose even the long-associated tenants. But, more importantly, a bad customer experience can lead to negative publicity. This is where professional property management teams step in and make a difference.

A responsible property manager will take up the duty of handling the property as well as the tenants. Here are a few ways in which property managers help in customer service—

  • Minimizes the vacancy period and enhances the market value of a property
  • Attract new tenants and maintains the current ones
  • Ensures tenants have a quality experience and further endorse the property
  • Makes sure the tenants are satisfied enough to care for the property as if it were their own

In essence, a good property manager prioritizes customer grievances so investors can pay attention to the strategic decisions.

Best customer service practices to stand out in the competitive market

Did you know a mere 5% hike in customer retention can lead to over a 25% increase in profits? Well, marketing, advertising, and tenant screening are as crucial as keeping your customers happy. Here are the 6 best customer service practices that make a property management company stand out in the crowd.

  1. Monitor landlord-tenant relationships
    An investor must choose a property management group that provides tenants with a positive experience in today’s competitive market. Professional property managers regularly check for tenant satisfaction, gain insights, and adjust as and when needed. To ensure a steady landlord-tenant relationship, your property management company must:

    • Set written rules and clear expectations:Drawing boundaries right from the start is one of the most crucial steps for a long-term customer relationship. A good property manager will help you lay out a rental contract that clearly defines the expectations and the extent of duties.
    • Conduct consistent monitoring: A professional firm will consistently monitor the tenants’ behavior and communicate, both verbally and in written form, to existing tenants and potential ones, ensuring all individuals receive the same level of quality customer care, and your property stays in the right hand.
  2. Create a formal redressal of grievances
    Creating a formal procedure for the tenants to lodge grievances reflects sheer professionalism and makes your tenants believe you care for them. Besides, they will feel more comfortable sharing their problems with your team.
    A professional property management team prioritizes the registered issues and gets to resolving them as soon as possible. This is one of the best ways to extend support while also allowing your team to be proactive.
  3. Layout a pre-decided plan of action
    A concrete customer service plan must be in place right from the first point of contact with the potential tenants to the follow-up after they leave. Establishing a route of activity will ensure your entire team’s response aligns with the others. It will eliminate any chances of missing out on potential tenants. Even if a tenant is lost, following up will increase a better relationship in the future. Keep the advice ‘never burn bridges’ at the forefront of your customer service plan to help you stand out from the crowd.
  4. Consistent communication
    Both consistency and communication are keys to a healthy relationship, be it personal or professional. The property managers are great at maintaining the right communication channel with the tenants. A simple chat asking about their needs and experiences can make a huge difference. For this, efficient management companies designate property managers to call living residents once a month. They ask for queries, provide helpful market suggestions, or just address customer grievances.
  5. 24/7 availability
    Though it may sound a little too much, the property manager needs to be available round the clock for the tenants. So they feel valued and have a positive feeling of your constant availability. Here are two excellent solutions – delegate a unique team for responding to the customers or hire a virtual assistant. Divide your group into day and night shifts, so someone is always available, or opt for a chatbot for 24/7 availability.
  6. Prioritize issues
    Listening to tenants’ complaints is the prime duty of a property manager; however, they do not just want to be heard. Instead, they expect you to prioritize their concerns, which is exactly what a professional property management team does. In addition, they have the bandwidth to respond to all the tenant issues within 24-48 hours. The absence of this may hamper your relationship or, worst case, make you lose the potential and the associated tenants.

How Beach Front Property Management Prioritizes Customer Service

Beach Front Property Management is the leading property management team in South California. We prioritize landlord-tenant relationships by being available 24/7 and providing first-hand solutions to all the concerns or issues that tenants may have. We value tenants’ time and consider customer service as our prime responsibility to avoid a dreaded and costly vacancy. Our professional property managers work closely with the tenants from initiation of the contract to post-tenure completion. We also focus on providing a pleasant customer journey to gain high market valuation, a large clientele, and escalating profits. Get on a call with us today to learn more about the benefits of professional full-service property management in your area!

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