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Real Estate Marketing Tips To Get Your Property Noticed

When it comes to real estate marketing, the one size fits all approach doesn’t work. The success or failure of the rental market entirely depends on how well your marketing funnel attracts potential tenants. Spent on marketing, but you can’t tell if it’s working? Every dollar spent on advertising usually attracts more potential renters, effectively driving demand.

A study shows that the global real estate industry is projected to strike a value of $8.6 trillion by 2026. Though this reflects exciting opportunities for the property management market, it also makes way for soaring competition. With the rising competition and changing client expectations, a property management team must align its strategy with the ongoing trends. So, while recruiting a real estate management professional, choose a credible team to help you stand out from the competitors.

How does property marketing drive the real estate market?

The rental market in the United States represents a significant portion of people’s wealth, making it an attractive and lucrative sector for many investors. Nevertheless, to ensure your property has a stellar presence in the market, the property management company you hire must be acquainted with advanced marketing technology and skills to beat the never-ending competition. Here we’ve listed some of the reasons why efficient property management marketing adds value to your property.

  1. Remote property showings
    Most potential tenants wish to visit the property in person to gauge if it’s the right choice for them. But, this may not always be possible due to time and location constraints. Resultantly, you may lose some excellent potential clients. But, if you’ll have a professional property management company on your side, they will have the bandwidth to arrange remote property showings, maximizing your ROI.
  2. A Visible Online Presence
    Advertising your services to a broad audience helps your business succeed. And, a professional property management company with the right marketing skills can help build a solid brand presence and reputation.
  3. Advertising Expenses
    From paid digital ads to billboards and hoardings, running advertisements for effective marketing is highly expensive. But, it all turns out to be worthless if you do not get any leads or a good ROI.
  4. A Winning Digital Marketing Strategy
    You may be already running digital campaigns, but are they effective? The high digital presence of property managers and brokers can make property marketing challenging. You need a winning digital strategy to stay in line with the trends. Choose a professional real estate management team with the industry’s requisite experience that uses the latest online marketing techniques to fill the vacancies.

Top 5 property marketing techniques for stellar listings

Marketing any property starts with identifying your target buyer and understanding their pain points. When you have a clear idea about the issues to address, you can market your property as a potential solution. Right marketing strategies can significantly uplift the value of your property listings, minimizing the vacancies and attracting quality tenants. Here we’ve listed the top 5 real estate marketing techniques for stellar listings.

  1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
    Though Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are still at their initial stages, these technologies have revolutionized the real estate industry. Here’s how.

    • Remote Showings:With the help of VR, your clients can tour the property from any location. Its three-dimensional mode will let the prospects view the estate from multiple angles and enjoy a 360-degree view. It can either be done through interactive visits where the client chooses the spot to view or guided visits that include promotional videos.
    • Furniture and Décor:Showing an empty or disorganized house can make you lose potential clients. Augmented reality lets you furnish the house with stylish furniture. Besides, even the clients can edit the setting to picture their dream home.
    • Time and Cost-Effective:Visiting property in person is tiring, time-consuming and expensive. AR and VR put an end to this by facilitating property showings from virtually anywhere.
  2. Optimized Website
    A property management team you choose must have an optimized website to showcase properties. From quality images and videos to client portfolios, reviews, and relevant keywords, website optimization significantly boosts the company’s online presence. Resultantly, your property will have a greater chance of getting a premium listing.
    Rental properties with online professional photos were sold at the list price (or above) 44% of the time. Moreover, listings with a video get over 403% more inquiries, and even HubSpot agrees that 43% of people expect more video content from marketers.
  3. Efficient Digital Marketing Campaigns
    Digital marketing has opened a multitude of compelling property marketing ways that are possible without breaking the bank. Besides, digital marketing is more than just creating a website for SEO. Here are some ways for building real estate marketing campaigns to see solid results:

    • Create informative blogs
    • A strong presence on popular social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
    • Conduct email marketing
    • Engage with customers
    • Offer robust customer service
    • Create a Zillow profile
  4. Collaboration
    Collaborating with recognized names to promote property listings is one of the most cost-effective and fruitful marketing ways. In addition, property management companies can partner with local businesses like artists, boutiques, and homedécor owners. Encouraging them to set up pop shops on the property premises will significantly boost exposure.
    Co-hosting a webinar is also a great idea. For example, the property management team can conduct informational webinars for sellers to improve their property value.
  5. Cost-Effective Marketing Methods
    While real estate advertisements are downright expensive, some property marketing techniques can significantly reduce the costs.

    • Referrals:Following up with buyers for referring the property management company to their friends and family boosts property value. According to the National Association of Realtors, 39% of sellers found a real estate agent through referrals.
    • Self-Made Videos:If a property management firm cannot hire a professional for videography, self-made videos can also make a huge impact. These can be client testimonials or informational videos about the property.

Boost Property Value with Beach Front Property Management

At Beach Front Property Management, we follow the latest property marketing techniques to maximize your property’s appeal. We are a dedicated full-service property management company committed to managing all your property matters with expertise. From property showings and rental listings to tenant retention, generating leads, and minimizing vacancy rates, we will handle it all. So, entrust your real estate marketing duties to us, and focus on expanding your property portfolio and building additional revenue sources.

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