Boosting Community Spirit: 15 Resident Event Ideas

resident event ideas

Resident events are not just a fun way to bring people together but they also help promote community spirit, engagement, and satisfaction among residents. These events can also lead to higher resident retention rates. Resident event ideas help encourage people to step outside their comfort zones and connect with their neighbors. 

Property managers can use delightful events to encourage residents to connect with each other, improve morale, and show appreciation towards one another and the community. However, getting residents to attend these events can sometimes be challenging.

While classic events like pool parties are always popular, there is room for creativity. This blog will discuss creative resident event ideas that can be used to boost engagement with residents and improve the community culture. 

How Resident Events Can Help Build a Stronger  Community

Resident events can help property managers achieve a variety of goals, such as:

  1. Strengthening community bonds
  2. Reducing conflict between residents
  3. Building a support system
  4. Creating a positive resident experience
  5. Supporting community organizations
  6. Forming partnerships with local businesses
  7. Encouraging resident referrals
  8. Increasing resident retention
  9. Building trust between residents and property management

15 Resident Events Ideas for Boosting Community Spirit

Resident events are a great way to unite people, build community spirit, and create a more enjoyable living experience. By hosting a variety of events that appeal to a wide range of interests, property management can help create a more welcoming community.  

Here is a list of 15 resident event ideas that will help you boost community spirit among your residents:

1. Food Truck Extravaganza

Food trucks are a convenient and affordable way for apartment communities to host a fun and festive party. They can help introduce new residents to the local culture and cuisine. 

To host a food truck party, just invite a few of the best local food trucks to your community. Don’t forget to play some music, arrange adequate seating, and provide recycling bins. You can also create a scorecard so residents can try food from each food truck and choose their favorite.

Just ensure to have a proper arrangement for residents’ parking.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Create a fun, challenging, and engaging scavenger hunt for your residents. A scavenger hunt is a great way to bring the residents together. It can also be used to highlight the community’s amenities, services, and upgrades.

Split your residents into groups and give them a list of puzzles to solve. Guide them around the area and have everyone work together to solve the puzzles. You can use maps, ‘X’ marks the spot, or even hide some treasures to make the hunt more exciting. Be sure to send the event details in advance and inform them about the winning prize.

3. Fitness Classes

You can organize fitness classes for your residents wherein they carry out group workouts, yoga, or engage in other physical activities to  stay healthy and active.

4. Prettiest Patio Contest

Announce a patio contest and give your residents a deadline to submit photos of their decorated patios or terraces. You can also make it a theme-based contest like ‘Halloween Spooktacular’ or ‘Christmas Wonderland’ or leave it up to the residents.  

After the deadline date, a panel of judges can review the photos and announce the winner. You can offer attractive prizes, such as a gift certificate, tickets to any local event, or a discount on rent to induce people to participate. 

5. Casino Night

Casino nights are great for entertaining your residents, attracting community attention, marketing your management company, and increasing interest in your property – all at the same time! 

You can provide residents with an over-the-top Vegas-style experience which is designed to be flashy and replete with impressive decorations. Your residents won’t soon forget it. 

6. Taste-test Tuesdays

Once a month on Tuesdays, residents can choose a popular dish and order it from several restaurants in the area. The residents then taste and rank how well each restaurant makes the dish. By the end of the year, they will have a list of places that serve their favorite burger, mac n cheese, or which restaurant makes the best pizza crust.

Taste-test Tuesdays enable residents to get to know each other and explore the local food services. It will help support local businesses as well.

7. Dinner Club

Start a rotating dinner club where residents take turns to cook and host meals for each other. This club can help build community spirit, create a sense of peer support, and give busy residents a break from cooking.

While organizing a dinner club, you can work on recruiting a group of interested residents and decide on a schedule that suits them. Each week, a different resident will be responsible for cooking and hosting meals for the group. You can also choose a theme for the dinner club or simply let each resident choose their own menu.

8. Meet Your Neighbors Day

First-time gatherings can help people get to know each other better, make friends, and promote space among family & friends. 

Host an introductory event by organizing an after-hours event that allows residents to meet their neighbors in a relaxed setting. You can also provide attendees with food, drinks, entertainment, and other incentives. 

9. Outdoor Chill & Grill

Create an easygoing space where residents can relax, hang out, and cook together. Outdoor events like barbeques and neighborhood parties are great for bringing the community closer. Arrange picnic tables, umbrellas, or a tent to keep residents comfy while they savor grilled food. 

10. Card-making Parties

Throw community crafting get-togethers for special family days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and more. You can set up a card-making station where residents can drop in and make creative cards for their loved ones. 

Moreover, you can stock the station with various art supplies, including colorful paper, paint, stickers, stencils, markers, and more.

11. Chalk the Walk

In a chalk art festival, residents can gather to decorate walkways and sidewalks with chalk, competing for the most creative and on-theme design. To participate, residents can take a photo of their drawing and post it on the property’s social media page or Instagram account. 

The event’s winner will be announced live on social media or in person. You can add surprise art awards like Best in Show, Class Clown, Most Creative, or Most Unique to appreciate the efforts of the residents.

12. Epic Pool Party

You can throw a splash-tacular pool party for your residents. Send out colorful invitations and stock up on giant pool floats, water toys, foam noodles, and more. Transform the pool deck into a tropical oasis with bright decor, balloons, banners, and inflatable palm trees. 

Choosing a theme can help simplify the planning process and make it more entertaining for everyone. Some popular pool party themes include pirates, mermaids, the beach, and more.

13. Movie Night

Movie nights are an enjoyable and a budget-friendly way to unite the residents. You can organize the movie night with a projector, screen, and some snacks. You can choose to have the movie nights either inside or outside. 

Residents can gather for indoor movie nights in community areas such as clubhouses or fitness centers. Encourage residents to bring their own snacks and drinks to make themselves more comfortable. For outdoor movie nights, show the movie on a big screen in the yard or on top of your building. You can encourage residents to bring pillows and blankets to lie down. 

To raise money for future resident events, you can sell popcorn and candies. You can also ask for donations from residents.

14.  Painting Party

Invite residents to participate in a painting day event to beautify the residence or pre-approved public spaces in the town. Residents can work together to paint interesting patterns, such as bright designs, inspirational murals, and positive messages on fences, alleyway walls, or other surfaces.

15. Sundae Fundae

Host an ice cream event for residents. You can organize a build-your-own sundae bar with various ice cream flavors, cups, cones, and loads of yummy toppings like nuts, sprinkles, hot fudge, gummy worms, and more.

Ice cream social is a standard thing to bring people together and enjoy a delicious treat. 

Don’t Miss Out on These Fantastic Resident Event Ideas!

Now that you have a list of engaging resident event ideas, it’s time to start planning. Consider which ideas your residents will enjoy most and start organizing events.

Schedule various activities for different seasons and age groups. Track your events and analyze your residents’ interests to identify popular events and areas for improvement. Keeping residents excited about the next event will help create a more vibrant community.


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

There are many benefits of hosting resident events in multi-family properties, including:

  • Building community spirit and fostering relationships between residents.
  • Increasing resident satisfaction and retention.
  • Attracting new residents.
  • Showcasing properties and its amenities.
  • Generating positive word-of-mouth.

Here are some pros and cons of charging tenants for resident events:

    • Helps to cover the cost of the event
    • Allows residents to choose which events they want to attend
    • Encourages residents to be more involved in planning and organizing events
      • Cons:
        • Creates a barrier to entry for some residents
        • Discourages residents from attending events
        • Sends the message that the property manager is not invested in the community
        Overall, the question of charging for the resident events depends on the specific property and its residents.

Here are some ways to gather feedback after a resident event:

  • Send out a survey
  • Set up a suggestion box
  • Talk to the residents one-on-one
  • Monitor social media