3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Tenants Happy

Happy Tenants = Happy Landlords

Keeping Your Tenants’ Needs In Mind

Pleasing everyone isn’t possible, but there are steps to ensure most residents enjoy living at your investment property. Communication is key. Checking in with tenants keeps the communication lines open. Here are 3 simple ways to keep your tenants happy:

  1. Keep management in line so you don’t overcharge deposits (Learn how this type of accident could cost you)
  2. Receive packages for tenants so they know valuables are safe (Learn more about ways to implement a receiving system)
  3. Ensure lighting is bright and welcoming (Numerous studies have shown that lighting improves moods)



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Trevor Henson is the founder of several property management companies and is the current Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer at Beach Front Property Management in Long Beach, CA. He is a CMO, entrepreneur, Trojan, EO LA member, investment property addict, change agent, and bourbon aficionado.