Top 7 Tips for Choosing a Property Management Company

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Dealing with the management of your residential rental property can become burdensome, particularly if you lack the time, expertise, or know-how to handle it effectively. However, entrusting your property to another entity for management can also be challenging.  

Teaming up with an experienced property management company offers numerous benefits for ensuring the prosperity of your rental property. 

How can you ensure you will select a property management company that will handle your property with the same care and attention as you would? Here, in this blog, we have covered the aspects of what to expect from a property management company. 

7 Tips on How to Choose a Property Management Company 

When considering what to look for in a property management company, it’s important to keep several factors in mind to ensure you find the right fit for your needs: 

1. Years of Property Management Experience 

Property management involves a multitude of daily duties that can overwhelm landlords. Many property owners find that hiring a professional property management company allows them to access extensive experience and streamlined services, ultimately enhancing their investment. 

BFPM takes pride in its extensive track record of effectively managing both individual residential properties and multi-unit or multifamily buildings, backed by over 20 years of experience. 

2. Understand the Services Provided  

It is essential to engage a property management company that can fully meet your property’s requirements. Ideally, you aim for a comprehensive agency capable of addressing all aspects necessary for your income property to operate seamlessly. Most property owners seek comprehensive property management services to reduce their responsibilities and safeguard their investments. Understanding the range of services offered by property management companies enables you to make the optimal choice for your needs. 

At BFPM, we take care of everything involved in managing properties. Our long-time clients appreciate the strong relationships we’ve built over time. With our committed team and resources, we make sure your rental properties run smoothly, making it a great experience for both you and your tenants. 

3. Ask About Property Maintenance and Ongoing Communication  

One of the most significant opportunities for property owners lies in maintaining effective communication and maintenance standards with tenants. Landlords often encounter frustration from tenants due to maintenance handling. Understanding the maintenance and communication protocols of your property management company is crucial. Inquire about their approach to preventive, routine, and emergency maintenance. An experienced property management company will have established procedures for promptly addressing requests and maintaining open communication with both you and your tenants. This fosters a positive experience for everyone involved!  

4. Talk to Tenants  

Emphasize the significance of tenants as valuable sources of insight when evaluating potential property management candidates for your building. Explore the perspectives of renters who have lived in properties previously managed by your prospective property management companies. Inquire about the efficiency of property management, prompt resolution of concerns, timely repairs, and overall satisfaction with the rental experience. 

5. Conduct a Lengthy Search  

When considering a property management company, it is important to invest the necessary time in finding a firm that possesses equal experience in working with both tenants and property owners, ensuring the seamless operation of your rental property business without compromise. 

An outstanding property management company will showcase its ability to navigate various aspects of property management across multiple buildings, demonstrating a track record of success. Effective communication with tenants is paramount, serving as the cornerstone of successful building management. While rent collection is a basic requirement, exceptional property management companies prioritize proactive communication and collaboration with tenants to prevent any maintenance issues. 

 6. Go Local  

When choosing a company to manage your property, it is important to seek out a firm that holds extensive knowledge of the local market and is well-versed in all federal, state, and municipal regulations. Additionally, having strong connections to reputable maintenance and repair vendors in the area is essential. Opting for a local property management company with deep roots in the community ensures that they have the expertise needed to serve you effectively. 

7. Ensure the Property Management Company is Licensed 

The California Business and Professions Code 10130 outlines that a property management company must hold a broker license granted by the California Department of Real Estate. Property managers engaging in tenant recruitment, lease negotiations, or rent collection are mandated to possess a salesperson license and be affiliated with a broker engaged in property management activities. When entrusting a property manager with such responsibilities, ensure they are duly licensed in the state. 


Selecting a property management company is a pivotal choice that can significantly impact whether your experience is stress-free or not. Invest the additional effort to discover a company that will prioritize your interests and protect your property with the same diligence as you would. You will appreciate the decision in the long run! 

For comprehensive assistance with your property management requirements in California, you can rely on Beach Front Property Management. Reach out to us today at BFPM and discover the ways we can support you! 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Most property management companies typically charge a management fee ranging from 8% to 12% of the monthly rental income.

A property manager is an individual tasked with overseeing the day-to-day operations of a property, while a management company is an organization that employs multiple property managers and offers comprehensive property management services to clients.

The number of properties one person can effectively manage depends on factors such as property type, location, size, and level of support available. Generally, a property manager can handle anywhere from 20 to 40 properties, but this can vary based on individual circumstances.