Protect your Investment with Well-timed Rental Inspection

As per California law, tenants can simply withhold rent, sue their landlord or move out without notice if they find the property uninhabitable. Structural issues related to waterproofing, floors, drainage systems, and electrical wiring, require planned examination. A professional property inspector can help investigate potential issues to preserve your investment. Inspection of residential rental units becomes essential at the end of a long tenancy or when your units cross 10+ years in age.

Timely residential rental inspection: Determining common problems

If you have invested in a new property or have been renting the property for a couple of years, make sure you schedule an inspection every year. Here are common pitfalls you can avoid with residential rental inspection.  

1. Drainage

Deteriorated drainage caused by eroded grading or poor plumbing can cause water retention at the unit’s foundation. This, in turn, leads to structural damage.  It’s essential to clean gutters, downspouts, and/or even install a sump pump under the unit to direct water away from the foundation. A professional inspection can ensure such drainage issues never persist.

2.    Electrical wiring

If your unit has a crawl space, garage, and/or attics, electrical issues such as exposed wires and open-wire splices are common. Faulty wiring may go unnoticed even in recently built apartments and can cause a major fire hazard. An apartment inspector can identify minor electrical defects that can be potential safety hazards.

3.    Before the major renovation

To add value to your property, there may be several aspects of the property that can be renovated. You can opt to install new fittings and fixtures, update a kitchen backsplash or replace the hardwood flooring.  An inspector can be consulted about safety precautions and reliable materials that can be used.

Why should you schedule a professional residential rental inspection?

1. Educated assessment of your property

Choosing a professional rental inspector is always a better choice. While it’s not mandatory for property inspectors to have certifications in California, any licensed professional will still have better experience in the field.

2. Errors and Omissions Insurance

Any professional inspector who is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) or National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) will have Errors and Omissions Insurance. This will ensure that you will not have to incur costs in case of any damages.

Residential Rental Inspection in California with Professionals

If you are a multi-family apartment building owner in California and need help with inspection, you can always contact Beach Front Property Management. We provide certified rental property inspectors who are up to date with the necessary knowledge to offer expert advice on all the minor and major aspects that need thorough assessment.


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