Careers in Property Management

career in property management

Going into a career in property management can be extremely rewarding. For instance, you would help make the experience of landlords and tenants much more enjoyable. By aiding residential or commercial properties, you will be making a big difference in people’s lives. In fact, there is a diverse range of careers available in the property management industry to explore. If you are interested in finding a profession in property management, then here are a few occupations to look at.

Here Are a Few of the Most Common Property Management Careers

1.   Property Managers

Property managers maintain and perform all related management functions. In general, property managers can supervise either residential or commercial properties. This job touches upon a wide range of responsibilities. It centers around property management and the rental industry. For this reason, you should have strong skills in communication, organization, and negotiation. Likewise, you should be skilled at decision-making. Most importantly, you should always put the customer first! With all this in mind, if you would like to stand out amongst other candidates, try looking into property management certifications.

 Common responsibilities for property managers include:

 2.   Administrative Assistant

In general, administrative assistants support property managers or regional property supervisors to ensure smooth operations within assigned properties. The most successful administrative assistants are detail-oriented and have great customer service. Additionally, you should be skilled in writing and communicating. Not to mention, having a basic understanding of the property management industry will be a huge benefit! Because of this, it is best to know and understand important industry terms to aid in your career. 

 Common responsibilities for administrative assistants include:

  •     Interacting with residents, onsite managers, supervisors, and office staff
  •     Organizing and scheduling meetings and appointments
  •     Making bank deposits
  •     Processing bills
  •     Screening calls from residents, vendors, and managers

3.   Leasing Consultant

To summarize, leasing consultants assist in maintaining the property and overseeing leasing efforts. These efforts include creating lease terms and renewing and negotiating lease agreements. Also, you would often be interacting with tenants and potential residents. Typically, leasing consultants should have knowledge in sales and real estate. Not only that, but you should be skilled in communication and negotiation. In the case that you find yourself wanting to explore this career path, check out these interview tips! This will help you gain a better grasp of what employers might be looking for.

Common responsibilities for leasing consultants include:

  •     Negotiate leasing terms and conditions and close deals
  •     Creating open house flyers
  •     Hosting open houses at various properties
  •     Confirming rental application data and personal reference
  •     Providing information on all aspects of properties (expansion, zoning, crime, etc.)

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To conclude, careers in property management are ever-growing. As a matter of fact, there are many other professions in the industry to explore! After all, here at Beach Front, we offer a variety of opportunities. Want to learn more about our property management team? Visit the ‘About Page’ on our website. There, you can learn about our mission, meet our team, and find job opportunities

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