Light Up Your Laundry Life…But Only if You’re in the Room!

Light Up Your Laundry Life…But Only if You’re in the Room! thumbnail

Light Up Your Laundry Life…But Only if You’re in the Room!

We have previously talked about the importance of having a laundry room as a valuable amenity for your tenants. You likely do not have laundromat quantities of washers and dryers. However, it is closer to a tenant’s doorstep than a nearby laundromat. It is also open 24 hours a day. This allows tenants to take care of their laundry at a time most convenient for them. Much like owning a personal washer and dryer, your tenants are in a better position to set the washer/dryer in use, go back to their apartment unit to wait and do other things, then come back when their clothes are clean or dry. Laundromats-goers typically are not in the same position to do so. Having access to laundry rooms in your apartment does wonders for you tenants’ freedom.

There IS an issue you should be aware of when deciding to open a laundry room; there needs to be sufficient lighting. This seems obvious, but remember that you are paying for lighting in a room that normally experiences low traffic. Most likely tenants will not spend more than 15 minutes sorting through clothes and using the washer/dryers before leaving. Leaving the lights on all day is a waste of electricity and translates into a higher electricity bill.

Luckily, we have a few suggestions for you to help lessen electricity usage in your laundry rooms. For starters, make sure your bulbs are as energy efficient as possible. Try upgrading if you are using older fluorescent bulbs. Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs have become the most popular energy saving lighting replacements. LED bulbs, while more expensive up front, use significantly less watts according to The Simple Dollar. Once you upgrade, consider installing manual timer switch controls, as they work well with either CFL or LED lighting systems, according to the Department of Energy. Using a timer switch puts the power of lighting in your tenants’ hands. They set the amount of time needed, do their laundry, and leave the room without wasting more energy than necessary.

Using these methods can potentially save you hundreds of dollars in electricity costs. We think that is something not to take lightly.

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