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Making Green While Going Green!

Recently I received a call from WASH Laundry and was asked if I believed in “going green.” I told them that I do and my management company is currently undergoing big changes to make us more electronic to use less paper. The response was “excellent since we are taking the Apartment Reporter on-line and won’t be printing it anymore.”

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After hanging up, I thought about what that one change would do. Each month, there are about 40,000 Apartment Reporters printed. In 25 months, 1 Million pieces of paper or just over 11 trees (according to WikiAnswers) will have been saved. I don’t think anyone would argue that WASH is both being better with our planet’s resources and saving themselves money in the process.

The contagion spread as I asked if WASH would direct deposit the checks to our many accounts and notify us via e-mail. They responded that they certainly do this upon request. Why does this make sense to me? I have people that are paid to open the mail, get the checks to the right people in the company who can deposit into their respective building account. The managers then make the deposit to the bank which is later entered by the accounting team. Using technology to cut a few steps out will allow my team to be more efficient which translates into their being able to service more properties and at the end of the day, our company will be more profitable.

WASH in turn would not have to print checks and pay for postage. This will make my accounts more profitable for them.

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Who are the casualties from our “going green”? Less paper will be purchased. Less business for the printing company. Also the US Postal Service will continue to lose business.

The other way to view “going green” is as a byproduct to keeping up with the use of technology. The publishing and music industries, respectively are reinventing themselves very quickly or will die off as end users are choosing to download content directly on wireless devices. Bookstores, video rental stores and record stores are quickly becoming history. If one of these companies wanted to rent space at one of retail properties, I would need to be convinced of their particular long-term viability before signing a lease.

For apartment owners, our consumers are expecting to be able to use those same wireless devices to find vacant units and to pay their rent. I was told a long time ago to “never fight technology because you will always lose”. This presents an opportunity for you to get ahead of your competition that is slow to recognize or embrace the changes happening. This can improve your top line.

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If you thoughtfully look for ways to set-up the system to maximize efficiency, it can save you time and money. This will improve your bottom line.

At the same time, one of the nice benefits for all of us earth inhabiters is a smarter use of natural resources. While I respect those whose primary goal is to help the planet, I must confess that I check my bottom line first when making these considerations. No matter which camp you find yourself, there are benefits to periodically reviewing other ways of doing what you do.

I applaud WASH and am happy that my writings will be available to you as always but am proud it will be produced with “green” in mind!

In coming issues, I will discuss the massive problems not being addressed in Europe and how we will feel their pain.


Kyle Kazan


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