Property Management Strategy

⇒Hire a manager who will be covered by BFPM’s worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance policies.

⇒Certify manager and maintenance under RRP, fair housing and require sexual harassment training if applicable.

⇒Inspect property for smoke detector, carbon monoxide, and Prop 65 compliance.

⇒Provide monthly financials

– Current Rent Roll

– Balance Sheet

– Income Statement

– Cash flow Statement

– Invoices and Receipts

⇒Annual Budget

⇒Provide a professional Yardi accounting system

⇒Issue year-end financials for your tax accountant.

⇒Regional Property Supervisors oversee the community managers, porters, and on-site staff persons.

⇒The staff is continually trained in the latest legislative updates and cutting edge marketing tools.

⇒Beach Front Academy

⇒Our maintenance supervisor dispatches our experienced team of plumbers, electricians, carpenters and techs at extremely competitive rates.

⇒24 hour / 365 days per year emergency availability for residents.

⇒Lowered costs passed on from subcontractors due to our pricing power.

⇒Use multiple free websites to attract the attention of prospective residents.

⇒On-site signage and banners attract drive-by prospects.

⇒Continue to advance our multimedia platform and expand our professional marketing team.